Paper Moon

A love of sixties pop music and the singer/songwriters of the early seventies, plus the urgent need to pick up a guitar and write a bunch of songs: that was the way Paper Moon was born. With Hanz de Vries and André Wierenga on lead vocals and guitars, bass player André "Ace" de Vin and sticksman Jeroen de Haan, Paper Moon play songs with melancholy written all over it. Over the past two years, Paper Moon released two EPs called "Stella" and “The Lost Parade”, which were recorded and mixed by the Paulusma brothers of Daryll-Ann fame. Both CDs have been played on local and national radio stations. The band also did some live broadcast performances. Apart from that, various songs have been included on compilation albums.


In September 2004 the first full-length CD "Brittle Hearts" saw the light: this baby contains fourteen catchy popsongs waiting to get into your head and never leave it. Like the EP, Brittle Hearts has got great really good reviews. Any references? The 3 Big B’s (Big Star, The Beatles, The Byrds), The Posies, Teenage Fanclub, and …hey, why don't you check it out yourself!

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