Our debut cd 'Brittle Hearts' was recorded in Barn In The Meadow and released by Stacey Records September 16, 2004. It is available in your local music store and ofcourse you can buy it online. You can even listen to a couple of songs by pressing the play button.

1. Come On Stranger
2. (So Very) Stella
3. Words
4. Battered Car
5. Past
6. Tours Around The Lighthouse
7. Fortune Traders
8. Don't Go Down
9. Good Times
10. Song Of The New '49ers
11. Leaving The Leaves
12. Polaroid Girl
13. The Lost Parade
14. Little Or Less

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Polaroid Girl (live)

In January 2005 we played a live set for the Radio 2 show 'TROS Muziekcafé'. Mirjam, Hanneke and Carin were kind enough to join us on stage with their violins and cello to play an original Wierenga-arrangement for the old Paper Moon-classic 'Polaroid Girl'.
Song of the New 49-ers (video) During the recordings for Brittle Hearts we shot some video footage. Watch the videoclip, recorded at the Barn in the Meadow-studio, and see us play around in the studio. Right-click and save as, and be patient, the clip is about 10MB.
Talking To The Rain New song (april 2004) from André, recorded at Ace's place in Elspeet. Probably the 3rd or 4th time we played that song, and it turned out pretty well!
Shoes And Shells Another new song from André, our longest song so far (6:11). The reverb on the guitar amp goes to 11 on this one (it's one louder!).
Past (video) Watch the video! This is made out of some footage we took during the recordings of our first EP, in the Studio Sound Enterprise in Weesp.


If you would like to order one or more of the items listed, please send an email to info@papermoon.nu with your name and address and the cd ('s) you would like to purchase and we'll figure something out.

The Lost Parade (2003)
1. Good Times
2. Polaroid Girl
3. Leaving the Leaves
4. The Lost Parade
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Stella (2002)
1. Stella (listen)
2. Past - watch video!
3. Fortune Traders
4. Tours Around the Lighthouse

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DOLLYPOP 2003 CD / 01-2004
Paper Moon - Stella
(live @ Dollypop 2003)
more info on http://www.dollypop.nl

Paper Moon – Don't Go Down
(previously unreleased)
more info on http://www.silentminorityrecords.com


Paper Moon - The Lost Parade
Paper Moon - Stella
more info on http://www.staceyrecords.com

DEMONTAGE-CD Volume 7 / 10-2002
Paper Moon - (So Very) Stella
more info on http://www.popinstituut.nl

U-MIX #3 / 10-2002
Paper Moon - Past
more info on http://www.u-pop.nl